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Christopher Mundale, Ph.D. CA LIC PSY 16147

My Office

My office is located at


10 Corporate Park

Suite 215

Irvine, CA 92606

(949) 398-7900

Currently, I’m in solo private practice, although I share the suite with two friends and colleagues.


I am not part of a clinic, corporation, or medical group. This allows me to give my clients the personal attention that is often difficult to find in larger organizations. Calling me doesn’t require working your way through a maze of phone menus or dealing with a distracted receptionist. My phone number connects you directly to me or (if I am with a client) to my voicemail.


Working this way also helps to preserve your privacy. No one can access messages or read emails except me. If you choose to use health insurance for my services, I will be the only one communicating with the insurance company.


I am currently available for appointments Monday through Thursday, including evenings. Saturday morning appointments are also offered; please call for availability.